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There is a real art to landscaping, which is why you need experts to help you with your project. Our team of designers have a wealth of industry experience. Aside from that, we give each of our staff members in-depth training. That means that each of our team members will reach and even exceed your expectations. When you invest in some of our expert services, you can be sure that you will get the best level of service. Whether you need help with a commercial or private garden, we are a company you can trust.

If you are a basement owner, you should be aware of the risks a basement faces and the damage it can incur if not properly taken care of. Below are some examples of how wet basements and wet basement walls can actually become much worse than it may seem :

Foundation: Over time, what may seem like just a small amount of water in your basement can signify much larger problems. As water goes in and out of your basement, it takes a large toll on your home’s foundation. Water can erode stone and cement horribly. What may look like nothing more than a bit of water, can in fact turn into a much larger problem involving a new foundation for your home. A foundation is what holds your home up, so preventing this from happening is vital.

Bugs: Bugs and insects live in the ground. So, by adding a damp, dark, and indoor area for them to live and breed is something they will surely find. They thrive in wet areas and could soon become an infestation if not properly handled and prepared for. Having a home overrun by these critters is not on anybody’s wish list!

Mold and Mildew: This could potentially be the most hazardous reason to take wet basement walls seriously. Because it involves your health, it is not something to be taken lightly. Black mold grows in damp areas with low air circulation and can cause all kinds of breathing and lung problems such as asthma, chronic lung infection, sinusitis, allergic reactions, and eczema. This can be especially hazardous to older people and young children.